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November 2008

We have two daughters and one son.

Sarah is married and about to deliver her first child and our first grandchild about 20 November 2008.

Bethany has just become engaged and will be married early in 2010.

Lukas is 17 and about to start year 12 in 2009.

Our pets include Matt our Maltese.

And Ruby the Whippet.

Cosmo (left) and Misty (right). They have grown up now but this is my favourite photo of them.

How our Alpaca Adventure started!!

7 December 2008 will mark our first anniversary of being alpaca owners. We have had such an adventure over the last eleven months.

We bought a lovely farm in a beautiful spot surrounded by bush and it reminds us both of where and how we lived growing up. Syd in Kurrumburra, Deb in the Hunter Valley in NSW and just outside Ballarat in the later years.

Once the farm was bought, a decision of which livestock to buy then came to the fore. Alpacas seemed like a good idea. We did a lot of research on the internet as to their requirements, what they like, how to look after them, etc. Syd started attending shows, information events and Deb joined him when she was not taking part in some training or work commitment.

At the shows we spoke to many lovely people who already bred alpacas. We thank all those people for their time, thoughts and advice. Special thanks must go to Julian from Bryn-Aitken Alpacas for the many hours he spent talking and answering our many questions.

At shows we watched what the Judges were looking at and for and listened to their comments in an effort to discover what made a good alpaca to breed fine, abundant fleece with good conformation and proud alpaca stance. Thanks must also go to the judges for their comments on the animals they chose.

We looked at the huacuyas and suris and chose huacuyas as our type of alpaca.

After all this we were packing ready to move and spending hours on the internet looking at all the alpaca breeder websites we could find. We finally found the female animals which had the qualities we were looking for, that were mated to the sires with the qualities we had chosen.

Syd had already registered our stud name some months prior and had become a Member of the Central Region. We spent many hours looking at the bloodlines of many animals on the IAR database to discover just what sort of cria was produced by which animals.

We bought our alpacas at a stud sale not from the internet in the end. This was even before we moved in!

7 December 2007, it was time to for moving to our farm. We both took a week off from our respective jobs. Then Syd, Deb, Bethany, Amy and a few friends came and helped us move on the Saturday, then there was a BBQ and drinks.

Sunday was more moving and discovering our farm.

The rest of that week was spent fencing, getting a dam put in and final bits and pieces for Sarah and Danny's wedding.

Syd working on the fence for the first pen, it is now the birthing pen as we have a perfect view from the family room.

Our best friend when building fences, etc,is the motorised hole digger, it digs great holes.

14 December 2007 we went to pick up the alpacas, and I finally met our girls, Gabriella, Philadelphia and Miss Penelope. As we were driving in the gate the workers who were helping us build the front fence ware just hanging the gate on the girls paddock.

We now owned three alpacas. Little did I know how much I would grow to love my girls and now my boys as well. Not much time to linger just yet though.

15 December 2007, Sarah and Dannyís wedding day, the girls of the bridal party had arrived late last night. We all got up and had pancakes and champagne for breakfast.

Then off to the hairdresser, Sarah was upset because it was raining. The rain stopped hours later when we left the hairdressers.

The day cleared, the bride was nearly on time, the brideís Mum cried (of course) and a good time was had by all.

In March our first cria was born to Philadelphia, Bianca, a beautiful example of a young white alpaca.In April, Gabriella delivered Diego, he was just the cutest little thing. Miss Penelope was great company for the Mums and a playmate for the crias. She has now grown up and we hope her last mating was successful.

We have seven cria due in 2009. Two cria deliveries were nerve wracking, how is seven going to be?

Our gorgeous alpacas after the excitement of deliveries had subsided and the grass had dried off. We have spent the last year buying more alpacas and always saying this is the last one. I think they grow on you.

We have also spent our time building fences, I think there are only two more to do.

Finally the unpacking was finished and we have started to make the garden look the way we want, but the alpaca are our priority by choice.

We would like to say thank you so much to all the alpaca people we have met and talked to over the last year. Special thanks must go to Julian and Kelly Ward (Bryn Aitken), Trevor and Meddwyn Coleman (Lee Carrow), Russell and Jillian Holmes and of course the lovely Gloria (Jigaru), Graeme and Melanie (Greenvale) and finally Shane and Daniel(Malakai). Without their advice, friendship and support, I donít know what we would have done.

All the people we have met who breed alpacas are friendly, helpful and supportive, the above people are special as they are the ones we have spent the most time with.